About Us

Ella Mauger

Director/Class Leader

Ella first fell in love with story-telling and performance as a child performer taking lead roles in a plethora of shows and productions. She went on to win national singing competitions and was the lead singer in a few successful girl bands. Her performance skills were further honed as she later gained a degree in inter-disciplinary performance and co-directed her own theatre company.

Ella has always loved how performance and creativity supports character and personal development which was further cemented in 2015 when her daughter was born. As a mother, Ella has passed on the gift of creativity, performance and imagination to her daughter through story-telling. Not only has she seen her child's creativity set on fire but she treasures the way story-telling continues to connect them.

Having trialed a number of baby classes with her own daughter, Ella saw a space to bring her love for performance and immersive-storytelling to the market. Her love for music has resulted in some wonderfully funky updated nursery rhymes and Roaring Stories classes that children and parents will both enjoy.

Cornelia Okello


Cornelia spent her childhood, lost in books often being that cliched child up with the torch reading way past bed time. She would practice reading aloud full of expression waiting for the day she'd be discovered as the new voice for the story-tape books. However following a very straight laced law degree and copy editing training, corporate life caught up with her and she found herself side-swiped into teaching followed by student support and operational management.

Cornelia's teaching career began in Shanghai where she quickly became known for her skill in tutoring children, with some of her youngest being just two years old. Working through language barriers to encourage mental and personal development, Cornelia experienced first-hand the value and success of engaging children through song, movement and immersive learning.

While child education and language training has been at the heart of Cornelia's career for so long, she never let go of her passion for transforming lives through stories. She's over the moon to now continue to aid child development through Roaring Stories and get back to her story-telling roots.


“I thought the class was excellent, Ella engaged with the children very well and my daughter loved the story and music.”



Four Pillars underpin everything that we do at Roaring Stories from the directors to development to class instructors. We encourage these qualities in all of the children that attend our classes through our stories, characters and activities.



A Roaring Stories child is courageous. We encourage children to take brave steps, whether that’s standing up for what they believe in or trying something new.



A Roaring Stories child will collaborate. We teach children the value of working together to reach a common goal.



A Roaring Stories child is kind. We emphasise the importance of being kind both to oneself and to others.



A Roaring Stories child is adventurous. Every class takes your child on an enthralling adventure through make-believe worlds and exciting stories.