Each Roaring Stories class has been designed by creative and educational experts to encourage your child's personal progress. Our classes cover a range of meduims all under one umbrella.

Why choose us?

Story Telling

Sparks your child's creativity, improves verbal proficiency, sharpens memory and improves the ability to learn.

Music & Song

Develops your child's language skills, active listening and aptitude to recognise and follow patterns.


Nurtures your child's confidence and determination and teaches patience.


Improves your child's balance and muscle strength whilst also developing their coordination.

Roaring groups

We understand and encourage the fact that all children develop at different paces therefore our classes are split according to what your child 'can do'. For each class we provide a suggested age range, however we encourage you to take your child to the class that best reflects their ability. Ensure your child gets as much out of their Roaring Stories sessions as possible by choosing a class where they can do the majority of the actions but still have room to develop.

Tiny Roarers


I can:

- Mimic facial expressions

- Track objects and swipe at them

- Push up when lying on my tummy

- Make consonant sounds and focus on different sounds

- Begin to use refined hand movements

- Use simple gestures like shaking/nodding my head and wave "bye"

The guideline age for this group is 0-1 yrs

Little Roarers


I can:

- Crawl, bottom shuffle, stand unsupported and walk alone

- Kick a ball and stack blocks

- Use and understand a few words

- Imitate the behaviour of others and recognise myself in the mirror

- Understand what ordinary objects are for and play simple pretend        games

- Point to indicate what I want

The guideline age for this group is 1-2 yrs

On the Move Roarers


I can:

- Interact with my peers: Show concern if they cry, take turns in play        and name friends

- Sort objects by colour

- Begin to converse with 2-3 sentences & use prepositions and pronouns    correctly 

- Make story predictions

- Catch a bounced ball and work complex toys

- Understand two-part instructions

The guideline age for this group is 2-4 yrs